Icomm is a leading provider of pro-active IT Service, IT Support and IT Solutions, offering decades of technical expertise to large organisations and SME's alike.

The business offers an extensive range of cutting edge cloud, managed and one-off services designed to help you do better business.   

Equally, with a focus on forging long term relationships, Icomm can operate as your fully outsourced best practice 24/7 IT department with a passion for optimising IT, so you can focus on bigger issues.  That’s proactive IT support price matched to your needs.

Finally, the business offers a portfolio of world-class enterprise solutions that save customers time and money; server virtualisation, storage consolidation, security, disaster recovery and remote access.

From high end projects to one-off break-fix support, 'best-of-breed' is an Icomm mindset. We can help you get more from your IT.

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